WordPress Website Security Starting at $99

Poor security habits can be an unexpected, and costly disruption to your business.

WordPress Website Security

Millions of websites are run on WordPress, and as such WordPress Website Security is a common concern.  WordPress is secure out of the box, however, remaining so is dependent on the knowledge of the webmaster.  As a rule of thumb if it’s online it can be hacked, infected, or otherwise comprised. But that doesn’t mean you have to be  a sitting duck. Lax website security is usually user error, and it can be a very costly interruption to your business.

While there are no known, completely secure web configurations out there, that doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t take common sense precautions to lower your risk and secure your website against the most common attacks to keep your business up and running.

WordPress Website Security Services

I have provided troubleshooting, support and security services for WordPress website owners  for close to a decade. I’ve seen and repaired more hacked and infected WordPress sites than I can count. I’ve rooted out even the most creatively hidden infections from basic hacks that redirect your website and get you that “blocked by Google” warning,  to advanced infections that deny you access to your own website files, and locks you out of your own admin panel. The good news is that most times all of these things can be fixed.

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To Get Started I Will Need

  • Administrative access to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Access to your hosting account
  • As much info about your website as you can tell me.

While you are on the phone with me describing the problem, I’ll take a look at your WordPress installation to determine the issue and in most cases tell you up front what’s going on and what I’ll need to do to fix it.

Most commonly needed services include

Security Analysis

$99/ flat

  • Will analyze your existing WordPress site from top to bottom to determine where security holes exist, and will provide specific recommendations to fix them.
  • Includes but not limited to your theme, plug ins, hosting, scripts, coding or configuration errors which make your WordPress site less secure
  • Takes about an hour
  • 504-264-2248

SSL Complaince

$299/ flat/ 4 hr. max

  • Will work with your host to install and configure an SSL on your WordPress website
  • Includes page by page clean up to remove or replace any conflicting issues that cause a page to show as unsecured (broken lock).
  • Insure secure configuration or proper redirect for “www” and non “www” versions
  • 504-264-2248

Website Repair/Recovery

$599/ 12 hr. max

  • For WordPress websites that have already been compromised, infected, or have crashed
  • Will remove or repair infected files, and recover backups to get your site up and running again.
  • Will also close security holes, and install protection to help prevent future attacks from happening, as well as identify outdated processes
  • 504-264-2248

Let’s Get Started

I understand that dealing with hacked websites and security can be scary and confusing.
Feel free to give me a call and ask questions to get a better understanding of things.

1-(504)-264-2248 M-F 9-5 PST


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