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About Harold Mansfield

I’m a self taught WordPress website designer (since mid 2000’s), and support specialist. Self taught because when I started there were no online courses, or nano degrees as there are today. You were on your own and just had to make it work.

At the time I needed to publish a music blog, which ended up becoming pretty popular and was a source of income for quite some time. The experience allowed me to start doing client work on the side, at the time focusing on Real Estate and Mortgage companies.

A website is more than just pretty colors

After the crash of 2007-2008 the world was changing so was the web.  The fascination with pretty colors, shiny buttons, and flashy things was over. The focus finally became what it should have been..UX, function, with a focus on marketing from the ground up. This was the sign that I was waiting for. I  launched my business as a WordPress website designer. Not just someone who knows a little HTML and just puts something online, but creating a marketing asset that tells my client’s story, speaks to their target market, and generates leads and sales.

20 years of customer service  experience comes in handy

After the economic crash the days of over priced, bad service webmasters was over. New clients were done with the bad service of the past, support professionals who were now nowhere to be found, and being in the dark about what they were paying for, or how to access the web assets that they paid for.

My 20+ years in the Hospitality industry made it easy for me to run the kind of service focused freelance services that I’d always wanted. One that has real office hours, clearly communicates rates and pricing, keeps promises, honors deadlines, and actually answers calls and emails.

Today I insure that my clients are involved and actually know something about the web and their website, including how to administer it’s basic functions.  You know…actual service. I’ve never looked back.

If this is the kind of service and support you’re looking for, give me a call. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Harold Mansfield
WordPress Specialist / Web Developer
(504)-264-2248 / M-F 9-5 PT
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“How to write good website copy that works”, by Harold Mansfield

Available on Amazon Digital (Kindle) for $4.99, and is compatible via the Kindle App for Windows, Android, and iOS.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

WordPress Design and Support

I specialize in WordPress Website Design,  Troubleshooting and provide maintenance and Ongoing WordPress Support Services

Small Business eCommerce

Woo Commerce to Big Commerce. Set up to  implementation including writing sales copy,  imagery, and best customer service practices.

Search Engine Optimization

How your website content is written, organized, and optimized will make all the difference between being found online or never being seen by anyone.

Internet Marketing

Successful Brand communication doesn’t  just happen. It takes engaging content and a consistent strategy across all your marketing channels.

Social Media Marketing

From design, branding, content, advertising or growth campaigns. A successful Social Media presence requires a strategy to make it work for you.

General Web Knowledge

It can be tough learning and keeping up with even the most basic technology when you’re trying to run and grow your business. I can help it all make sense for you.

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