About Me.

Harold Mansfield | IT Support Professional | Security+. ITIL. Veteran

My IT journey so far...

After years of thriving in the fast-paced environment of Las Vegas hospitality, I decided to follow my passion for technology. This led me to establish a successful web design and IT support business catering to small businesses. I successfully managed this venture for over 12 years until 2020 when I embarked on a new chapter by joining an IT deployment team responsible for upgrading systems within one of Michigan's largest hospital groups.

Today, I proudly serve as a Level 1/BSC help desk agent for a prominent healthcare Managed Service Provider (MSP). During my tenure, I have consistently demonstrated exceptional productivity and achieved consistently high scores of 90%+ in Quality and performance evaluations.

With over a decade of experience in IT support, web design, and leadership, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. I've also spent more than 10 years honing my skills in client-facing customer service, VIP services, and project management. In my free time, I dedicate myself to studying Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), refining privacy strategies, and conducting hands-on experiments with various applications, including Splunk, Snort, pfSense, Linux, and high availability configurations.

As I continue to evolve in the IT field, I am eager to take on new challenges and explore opportunities that align with my expertise and aspirations. I am actively seeking roles in Level 2/3 support, team leadership, SysAdmin, Security Operations Center (SOC), and IT privacy and security.

Thank you for visiting my page, and I look forward to connecting with you to discuss how I can contribute to your organization's success.



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