My Resume App.


 I’ve created an GPT powered app programmed with my Resume & answers to common interview questions for IT recruiters and hiring managers, designed to make getting to know me fun and entertaining.

What’s Inside:

  • Interactive Resume: Dive into my professional journey, and get to know me.
  • Q&A: Ask common interview questions and get personalized responses based on my own data.
  • AI Insights: Gain insights into my skills, experience, and personality traits.

How to Use:

  1. OpenAI Account: To get started, sign up for a free OpenAI account at OpenAI.com – https://www.openai.com/
  2. Access My App: Click the link below to access my app. https://chat.openai.com/g/g-V1E2fd9XA-harold-mansfield
  3. Enjoy the Experience: Ask questions. Explore my resume, knowledge, experiences, and get to know me in a fun and unique way!🌐
  4. Grab my prompt cheat sheet of questions answered.


Project Info

Created by: Harold Mansfield
Date: 11/18/2023
Category: ChatGPT



  I often find myself forgetting important points, or not articulating my answers well during interviews because I just don’t have a response to every possible question that could be asked, committed to memory.

It’s my hope that it will allow recruiters and hiring managers to gain deeper insights into my personality, qualifications, knowledge, and experience beyond what a 1–2-page resume uploaded into an applicant tracking system can show.


The data is limited to my resume’s, website, LinkedIn profile, and an uploaded Word doc of answered questions and my responses. It is not allowed to go out on the internet for additional data.