WordPress Website Security and Penetration Testing

Poor website security can be an unexpected, and costly disruption to your business.

Website Security and Penetration Testing

Just like every other thing that is online, or connected to the internet, your website is vulnerable to security breaches, and exploits on any given day.

According to IBM Small and mid-sized businesses are hit by 62% percent of all network and website cyber-attacks, and  60% of small businesses who suffer an attack are out of business within 6 months.

Taking security seriously with common sense precautions will lower your risk significantly and secure your website, it’s users, and your business against the most common exploits.

Custom Website Security Solutions

Core WordPress is generally secure, and updated regularly. However,  the combination of readily available themes,  1000’s of plug ins, and custom configurations means that no two WordPress sites are alike, therefore website security is not one size fits all.

Whatever your security issues, or if your needs are proactive to protect your website, it’s visitors, and your businesses against today’s constant, and growing cyber threats, I’ll configure and execute the correct security solution for your needs.

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Website Repair/Recovery


For WordPress websites that have already been compromised, infected, or have crashed.

  • I will scan for, manually inspect, remove or repair infected files, and attempt to recover backups to restore your website back to working order.
  • Will also close security holes, and install additional protection to help thwart the most common  future attacks, and set recurring backups of your files and database.

(Upgrading your existing hosting package may be required)

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Vulnerability Assessment

Ever wonder how insecure your website really is?


  • I will inspect your WordPress installation to determine where vulnerabilities exist, fix them, and provide specific recommendations on better security going forward.
  • Includes, but not limited to, your theme, plug ins, hosting/root, SSL, administrators, users, and find outdated processes, and customization errors that leave gaping security holes.
  • I can also provide Vulnerability assessments as a monthly service of website security check ups.

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Penetration Testing

With your blessing, I will attempt to hack your website.

I will try to steal your password, upload  files, create a man in the middle scenario, download user information, redirect your website and/or whatever additional mischief a real world hacker will do if you give them an opportunity.

This can be an active exercise, or passive (no files are changed).

Afterwards I will work with you to close security holes, and suggest alternativex for vulnerabilities that cannot be fixed.

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For Assessments and Repairs, I’ll need…

  • Administrative access to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Access to your hosting account
  • As much info about your website as you can tell me.

While you are on the phone with me describing the problem, I’ll take a look at your WordPress installation to determine the issue and in most cases tell you up front what’s going on and what I’ll need to do to fix it.

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