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Getting hired can take weeks or months for the average job seeker. That is a lot of organizations that have your detailed information stored somewhere, under who knows what kind of conditions, for who knows how long. Furthermore, the prevalence of data breaches and ransomware attacks means you are exposing your personal information to a significant risk when you look for a job.

Browser fingerprinting

Browser fingerprinting is JavaScript code on a website or web location that peeks into your browser settings, and computer to determine its physical characteristics

Online shopping

When shopping online, protecting your home address will prevent your information from being compromised and keep it out of databases

Shopping online

Shopping online involves a trust factor. You have to give merchants accurate information (billing address) in order to make the purchase, and a mailing address to have your order delivered. That is a lot of information to leave on someone’s server for eternity.

virtual phone numbers

Virtual phone numbers are a great way to protect your personal information, protect your privacy, use for 2-factor authentication, and more

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